AutoFeeder automated feeding wagon

Automated forage distribution wagon with concentrates and prepared for pushing of forage.

AutoFeeder is an fully automated cutter and distributor. The rail-going solution detects when the chamber is empty and refills itself from a reservoir. The machine can has also container for concentrates.

Product Overview

The AutoFeeder takes care of cutting and distributing the forage, as well as adding multiple sorts of concentrates. Differentiated feeding programs can start at predefined times throughout the day. AutoFeeder bale chopper and distribution wagon recognizes when the chamber is empty and will go back to the magazine (reservoir) and refill before feeding is resumed. The farmer only needs to make sure that the magazine (reservoir) is loaded and spend his time for more important tasks. AutoFeeder takes care of the rest.

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Automatic feeding

AutoFeeder bale chopper and feeding wagon has higher positioning precision due to a new designed encoder wheel. Up to 60 zones can be defined with 11 different feeding programs at different times throughout the day. The machine can also be equipped with load cells. The combination of load cells and accurate positioning result in very accurate feeding regime for the different groups of livestock and cattle. AutoFeeder is a fully automated feeding wagon with lot's of flexibility and reliable mechanics which is tested and improved for more than 25 years.

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Automatic filling

AutoFeeder is equipped with photo-electric cells to detect when the machine is empty. When the machine runs empty, the position will be saved and it goes back to the reservoir to refill. When a new bale or forage is loaded into the machine, it will resume the feeding program where it went empty. When refilling from a reservoir the machine is mechanically locked to the reservoir to prevent the machine being pushed away during loading.

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Concentrate distribution

AutoFeeder has a 120 liter container for concentrates. This can be used as is for one type of concentrate or split to accommodate two different types of concentrate. The distribution can be activated and the amount can be customized independently.

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Fôrskyv *

The AutoFeeder feeding wagon can be supplied with a feed pusher to minimize manual work in connection with feeding. The feed pusher is a mechanical solution without motor to keep the costs and maintenance requirements lowest possible. The machine can be programmed to only push the forage at a given time, after and between previous feeding schedule.

* Under development

Technical Info



Vektca 1 150 kg
Lengde3 267 mm
Bredde1 665 mm
Høyde1 762 mm
Volum3,1 m³
Strømbehov (230 V)34 A
Strømbehov (400 V)20 A
Effekt, kutteorgan7,50 kW
Effekt, bunnbelte0,75 kW
Effekt, sideutmater0,75 kW
Effekt, løpekatter0,18 kW
Effekt, kraftfôrskrue0,09 kW
Maksimal diameter rundball1,60 m
Maksimal bredde rundball1,20 m
Volum kraftfôrtank120 liter


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