Digital Flowmaster

Digital Flowmaster gives you control of the ensiling when using the GP or the MP series. Different program modes and the use of micro switches makes adding ensiling highly automated.

Product Overview

The Digital Flowmaster is intuitive and easy to use, and gives you essential information at a glance. Accurate reading of actual flow and stepless regulation of the pump gives precise control over the silaging. Support for pickup switch opens up for a highly automated system.

Digital Flowmaster is also available in a rainproof 230 volt version for stationary use.

Digital Flowmaster Rød 4 3 format PNG

Easy operation

The control unit has physical buttons and a turnwheel for easy operation when driving in rugged terrain. Information like actual flow, remaining fluid and power consumption is clearly displayed on the screen.

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Actual flow is registered by a flowmeter placed on the hose, giving a precise reading of the delivered amount.


Different modes

Different modes can be used for different scenarios.

  1. Direct control (effect)
  2. Flow (set desired flow per minute)
  3. Dosing ton/hour (capacity of equipment)
  4. Batch (given amount over given time)
  5. External control
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Digital Flowmaster can be used with all our pumps. The controller comes with cables, and is prepared for receiving of external start and stop signals.

Technical Info

Alt Tag

Digital Flowmaster 12 V

Standard Digital Flowmaster for use with our pumps on harvesting equipment.

Alt Tag

Digital Flowmaster 230 V

Stationary Digital Flowmaster for use with 230 V power supply. Mounted in a rainproof enclosure.

User manual

Download user manual for Digital Flowmaster in PDF format.