ExactFeeder II bale chopper and reservoir

Automated round bale chopper with integrated feed table

The ExactFeeder II bale chopper and reservoir is the second generation of our automated bale chopper, developed on experiences and principles from the well-known FlexiFeeder. The improvements for the ExactFeeder II include sophisticated PLC, internet connection, load cells and a new knife drum capable of holding 60 knives.

Product Overview

ExactFeeder II bale chopper and reservoir is developed to be a part of automated feeding systems, delivering steady flow, high capacity and well cutting of forage.

The machine may be used as a stand-alone chopper and reservoir, or in a semi or fully automated system. Used with a TMR-mixer or feeding wagon, the ExactFeeder II will contribute to a more flexible and effective utilization of the feeding system.

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Reinforced drums

ExactFeeder II is delivered with reinforced knife and spiked drum, to withstand the wear an automated system is exposed to.

It is equipped with 20 knives as standard to ensure good cutting and high capacity. The knife drum is capable of holding up to 60 knives and is rotating at 380 rpm.

By changing the type or number of knives, the ExactFeeder II can be customized to suit your forage mass.

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ExactFeeder II can be controlled manually, using an app, or by an external start signal from an other machine like the Lely Vector.

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Load cells

Load cells weighs the forage in the machine. This makes it possible to feed based on weight.

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Feed table

If the machine is empty, a new bale will be loaded from the feed table and the cutting will resume. The feed table is delivered in lengths of 2,6 or 3,8 meters, but is extendable with up to seven modules of 1,28 meters each.

The feed table is available with telescopic legs to match the ExactFeeder, i intervals from 0-100 cm.

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Photo cell

Photo-electric sensors in the sides detect when the chamber is nearly empty, and initiates loading from feed table.

Technical Info

Compare technical details for different configurations of ExactFeeder II bale chopper and reservoir.

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ExactFeeder II

ExactFeeder II is available with integrated magazine(2,8m + 3,5m), and can be extended with modules of 2m each. Total length can be 11,5m.

ExactFeeder II

Length (with short feed table)4 991 mm
Width1 770 mm
Height1 791 mm
Weightca. 1 300 kg
Max bale diameter1,60 m (1 200 kg)
Max bale width1,20 m
Power (230 V)35 A
Power (400 V)25 A
Effect, knife drum7,50 kW
Effect, spike drum1,50 kW
Effect, conveyor0,75 kW
Effect, feed table2 x 0,55 kW
Cutting time (grass)5-10 min per bale*
Cutting time (straw)10-25 min per bale*

* Cutting time may vary depending on many factors like bale size, type of grass, knives and program.

User manual

Download user manual for ExactFeeder II in PDF format.


Download brochure for ExactFeeder II in PDF format.

Circuit diagram 230 V

Download circuit diagram for ExactFeeder II in PDF format.


Circuit diagram 400 V

Download circuit diagram for ExactFeeder II in PDF format.


Have a look at available accessories for the ExactFeeder II.

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The CrossFeeder distributes forage to the left or right side of the feed alley, or to a conveyor.

Available in short (110 cm) and long (170 cm) versions.

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The funnel gathers the forage towards the middle of the machine width. Is used if it is desired to feed through a hole in the floor or a narrow alley.

Is available in short an long version.

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Online package

The online package enables remote access from your mobile device, as well as the possibility for online software updates and troubleshooting.

The online package is being constantly being developed.

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Telescopic legs

Telescopic legs make installation and customization easier. The height is adjustable from 0-25 cm, 30-50 cm and 70-100 cm.

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Standard knives. Our most aggressive knives with wavy edge for high capacity.

Knives for dry matter. Straight-edged knife to prevent jamming when cutting dry matter.

Knives for reduced flow. Shorter knives reduce the flow. Often used in automated systems where limited capacity is required.

Reinforced knife. Straight-edged knife made from thicker goods to increase longevity. Compatible only with 4 mm reinforced knife drum.

The knives are available in sets of 20 knives, including bolts and wear template.




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Are your knives good enough?

The knives are regarded as the heart of the machine.

Over time, the knives will become dull. This is observed by longer cutting time and poorer cutting, and is fixed by sharpening the knives. After repeated sharpening, the knife may be worn out. Check height and shape by comparing the knife with our knife wear template.

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Straw or frozen mass?

Making the forage rotate in the chopper is fundamental for optimal function. Straw or frozen grass may in some cases rotate poorly in older machines.

The remedy in these cases may be to to weld knobs to the carriers on the conveyor.