The FeedBack outdoor tilting feed system grants the efficiency of tractor-driven feeding, but without the contamination from the wheels and need to push forage. In addition, the FeedBack is space efficient and decreases building expenses.

Product Overview

FeedBack is an external tiltable feeding board, that is tilted to 90 degrees after feeding and make up the lower part of the outer wall. By moving the feeding outside frees up space inside and reduces risk of infection.

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Save time, space and money

Save time, money and space with the FeedBack outdoor tiltable feed system. Patented tiltable feeding system mounted in the outer wall. When the board is tilted down feeding is easily done from the outside. After feeding, the board is tilted up and closes the wall. The forage is distributed to all animals without the need to push forage.

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The FeedBack grants the efficiency of tractor-driven feeding, among other benefits:

  • No pushing of forage
  • Considerable reduction in building width
  • Reduced risk of infections
  • Harder for animal to sort forage
  • No exhaust indoors
  • No limitation by feeding vehicle
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Easy feeding

  • Forage is easily available for the animals
  • Few movable parts gives little wear and noise, which results in low expenses
  • Better internal logisitic if two external feeding boards are used
  • Easy logistical planning
  • No dirty wheels inside, reducing risk of infections
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Starting the building process?

Are you planning on building from scratch and looking for a smart feeding solution for your barn? Do you have an existing building not suited for indoor feeding? Or already have external feeding, but are tired of wind and rain in the forage? Serigstad FeedBack may be the solution for you!

  • Cost-effective solution compared to the concrete work of an extra 300 m2 feed alley (50 m x 6 m).
  • Building cost savings cover the price of both the FeedBack and installation.
  • Easy access for cleaning.

Contact us early in the planning process to make the design phase easier and ensure the correct choices are made from the start.

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Rebuilt free-stall barn

Do you have an existing building not suited for indoor feeding? Or already have external feeding, but are tired of wind and rain in the forage? Serigstad FeedBack may be the solution for you!

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Well-being in the barn

Happy and comfortable animals produce high quality milk and meat.

FeedBack contributes to animal welfare and health by reducing risk of infections and ensuring fresh air. Serigstad automate heavy and time-consuming labour, to give our users more time with their loved ones.

Important for animal welfare, the farmer and society.

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Single acting cylinder evey 16. meter.

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Wireless remote

Using the wireless remote, the FeedBack can be tilted from within the tractor.

Technical Info

Technical specifications for the FeedBack.

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Article number and specifications

FeedBack, electrical

VoltageArticle numberDescription
230 V188361-2 cylinders (5,5 A)
230 V188513 cylinders (5,5 A)
230 V188524 cylinders (5,5 A)
230 V188535 cylinders (5,5 A)
230 V188546 cylinders (5,5 A)
400 V188371-2 cylinders (3,5 A)
400 V188563 cylinders (3,5 A)
400 V188574 cylinders (3,5 A)
400 V188585 cylinders (3,5 A)
400 V188596 cylinders (3,5 A)
18839Remote control

FeedBack, building components

Article numberDescription
188604 meter section
18840Cylinder kit
18850Anchoring kit


Download brochure for FeedBack in PDF format.


Sketch for FeedBack


Watch a presentation of how FeedBack can be used in new or older barns.

Case Studies

See what our customers say about the FeedBack.

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FeedBack at Nærbø

Lars Dyre Nærland is enjoying the benefits of a tiltable feeding board.

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Using FeedBack indoors

Gjermund Granum in Etnedal installed FeedBack indoors in a newly built barn, representing a new type of application for our tiltable feeding board.

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