Chain Conveyor

The Chain Conveyor is a flexible and modular chain conveyor ensuring effective and flexible transportation of forage. Using chain makes it possible to angle the conveyor while still using only one motor.

Product Overview

Space-efficient solution with adjustable angle, making it possible to angle the conveyor using only one motor.

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Chain conveyor

  • Easy replacing of chain parts to minimize downtime
  • Handles all kind of forage
  • Length up to 30 meter, alternatively 500 kg
  • Oil-free system to avoid contamination in the forage
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Steep elevation

Depending on the forage, the chain conveyor can be installed with a gradient of up to 55 degrees. Integrated angular module makes it easy to adjust the angle.


Tension monitoring

Monitoring of tension to avoid skewered pulling of the chain and possible breakdown. This is standard in automatic systems and optional for manual systems.

Technical Info

Technical specifications for the Chain Conveyor.

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Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyor consists of start modul, end module and middle module. The middle module is available in 1,5 and 3,0 meter sections. Chain Conveyor can be delivered in lengths up to 30 meters, alternatively 500 kg payload.

Maximal angle is dependent of the dry matter percentage:

  •  Up to 35% dry matter: 55 degrees
  •  35% to 50% dry matter: 45 degrees
  •  Over 50% dry matter: 35 degrees

Chain Conveyor

Length, drive module1 905 mm
Length, mid section2 390 mm
Length, end section2 191 mm
Length, extended joint section820 mm (installed)
Width913 mm
Height535 mm
Internal width482 mm
Effect, motor2,2 kW

See user manual for more information

User manual

Download user manual for Chain Conveyor in PDF format.


Download brochure for Chain Conveyor in PDF format.


Have a look at available accessories for the Chain Conveyor.

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Safety panels

Safety panels is recommended to ensure safety in places where it is possible to walk under the conveyor.

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The legs are delivered in lengths of 1,5 and 3 meters.