Ensiling equipment


SmartFlow takes care of the ensiling and frees the user to focus on other tasks. Signals for starting and stopping the pump is obtained from the ISO-system in the tractor. SmartFlow regulates power to the pump to ensure correct amount every time. Integrated components and wireless communication simplifies installation and reliability.

Product Overview

SmartFlow ensures precise ensiling when used with our GP or MP pumps. The system regulates to desired amount to ensure even addition throughout the ensiling process. Automatic start and stop using signals from the tractor makes the ensiling highly automated.

Smart Flow tradlos

Wireless communication

SmartFlow consists of a base unit and a control unit. The base unit regulates the power to the pump and communicates wirelessly with the control unit, placed inside the tractor.

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Integrated components

Flowmeter and shut-off valve is integrated into the base unit. This, in addition to quick couplings and connections, makes installing and moving the equipment very easy.

IS Osignal

Automatic start and stop

SmartFlow utilizes signals from the tractor's ISO-system (ISO11786) for starting and stopping the pump. Parameters can be activated and deactivated as needed.

  • PTO in use
  • Tractor ground speed (moving)
  • Pickup in work position (programmed with the headland automation system in the tractor)

Smart regulation

SmartFlow regulates with even and precise ensiling in mind. The system corrects itself if the time used deviates from the previous bale.


Data logging

Amount and type of additive is logged in the controller and can be linked to different customers.

Technical Info

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SmartFlow for GP series

SmartFlow with integrated flowmeter and shut-off valve for the GP series.

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SmartFlow for MP12

Housing with MP12 mounted and SmartFlow with integrated flowmeter and shut-off valve.

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SmartFlow for MP17

Housing with MP17 mounted and SmartFlow with integrated flowmeter and shut-off valve.

User manual

Download user manual for SmartFlow in PDF format.